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Resin, Laminates 
and Core

All of our boats are vacuum infused with UV‐resistant epoxy vinyl ester resin, not conventional polyester resin employed by volume boat builders. We also core our hulls, decks and hatches with closed cell foam coring and high density transom board. In addition, we use a combination of aramid (Kevlar) fiberglass and carbon fiber fabrics for our boats. This results in increased strength with reduced resin, making our boats lighter and stronger than their production counterparts. 

Type 316 Stainless

Not all stainless steel is the same. Unlike volume builders, we use 316 stainless steel for all deck hardware. What's the difference? The composition of 316 stainless steel includes an increased amount of nickel content and the presence of 2%-3% of molybdenum. This unique composition improves performance over 304 graded stainless in many ways, including: (i) superior resistance to chloride (i.e., salt); (ii) improved resistance to corrosive chemicals; and (iii) increased protection from pitting and cracking. It costs more to use 316 stainless steel, but the benefits are well worth it.

Hydraulic Steering

Our boats come standard with hydraulic steering systems designed and manufactured by Seastar Marine. Seastar Marine has led the recreational marine industry with innovation, quality and a commitment to supplying steering systems with the extra margin of muscle when needed. Seastar supplies hydraulic steering systems for outboards, sterndrives and inboard engines for boats up to 60 feet in length. Because of Sastar's superior design and forward thinking, auto piliots and second helm stations can be added easily.

Tinned Copper Wiring

All of our boats are rigged with marine-grade tinned copper wiring tied to waterproof switches with individual breakers. Wires are routed neatly to create more room in compartments and make it easy to add electrical options in the future, and to diagnose electronics failures should they occur. Critical junctions are tied together with water-resistant quick-connectors.


Lighting & Electrical

Our boats are all equipped with livewell lighting, full navigation and anchor lighting as well as courtesy lighting as standard equipment. All bilge pumps are equipped with automomatic float switches. Smaller wells have 800 GPH livewell pumps while larger ones have 1100 GPH pumps.



All of our boats are equipped with a horn, battery switch, anchor locker, closed cell foam seat cushions, navigation lights and trim tabs.

gemlux bluewater.jpg

All boats are equipped with a Stainless Steel Wheel with Knob, Stainless Steel Bow Eye, Stainless Steel Stern Eyes, Stainless Steel Rod Holders, Stainless Steel Hinges, Stainless Steel Latches, Stainless Steel Flush Mount Rod Holders, Strainer, Fuel Water Separator and Locker Drains.



Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (“Infusion” for short) is where composite parts (hull, deck, hatches) are created using a rigid mold to provide shape and consistent geometry. Material is layered inside the mold and then a flexible membrane is applied over the top. Ports are added inside the membrane to allow resin to flow in. A vacuum line is added to so that atmospheric pressure can compress the material tight against the mold while the vacuum pulls resin throughout the part. The process is superior to hand built laminations because it can provide a 60% to 70% fiber to resin ratio with fewer air voids.


All of our boats are custom built to client specifications. We are not a high-volume producer with hundreds of employees and an assembly line. We work on boats one at a time. We point this out because it takes time to build boats and all of our clients deserve full attention. If you ask we'll give you an estimated build time...but please remember it's just an estimate. Many factors impact delivery of a custom boat, including employees, weather, parts availability, build complexity, material performance and, most importantly, progress on boats earlier in the build schedule than your own. So, stay calm and enjoy the process. In the end your patience will be rewarded with a one of a kind creation built with material, components, performance and features that aren't found in our production counterparts

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