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Founded in 2011, Bonefish brand boats exude quality, performance and refinement. The brand is known for its progressive line of modern fishing boats that work as good as they look.  Unlike companies that produce hundreds of boats each year, Bonefish Boatworks, LLC builds custom boats one at a time. This provides owners with unparalleled participation in the design process, as well as pride in owning a one of a kind creation. Each component of our boats is thoroughly researched to ensure that we use superior materials and build techniques. The result of this meticulous attention to detail is a well-built and functional boat with attractive lines and a smooth, dry and stable ride. Bonefish Boats is just one of the boat brands owned and built by Bonefish Boatworks, LLC. Since 2012, we've  owned, manufactured and sold Sabalo brand boats. 


Bonefish Boatworks
(727) 364-9285
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